Seasonal RV Sites

Morinville provides all the amenities and facilities that you would need for a comfortable camping experience, such as:

Essential Comforts

  • Power
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Wi-Fi
  • Coin Showers - Flush Toilets
  • RV Storage
  • Store

Outdoor Fun & Recreation

  • Swimming Pool - Summer 2024
  • Fishing
  • Playground
  • Picnic Tables
  • Firepits

Active Lifestyle Facilities

  • Gym Facilities
  • Volleyball & Beach Volleyball
  • Baseball Facilities
  • Pickleball Court
  • Horseshoes
  • Basketball Facility

And the best part is, pets are welcome!

Discover Seasonal RV Sites – Your Guide to Alberta Campgrounds

Alberta is a desirable destination for RVers looking to set up their seasonal abode. There are plenty of lake and campground locations near Edmonton, Pigeon Lake, and Southern Alberta that have breathtaking views.

In this blog post you’ll learn about the sites available in these areas as well as recreational activities they provide access too, plus tips on picking the right spot for your own needs! Discover what adventures await when you get out into nature with an unforgettable stay at one of Alberta’s many idyllic seasonal camping sites.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Alberta’s diverse seasonal RV sites, offering a range of activities and amenities for all types of campers.

  • Consider location, budget and amenities when selecting the perfect site to ensure an enjoyable stay.

  • Prepare carefully with packing essentials, proper setup & safety precautions for a successful adventure.

Exploring Seasonal RV Sites in Alberta

A family enjoying a summer camping trip in a seasonal RV site in Alberta

Seasonal camping in Alberta is a great way to embrace the spirit of adventure. From Pigeon to Pigeon. Lake with its picturesque shores and fishing opportunities, to Edmonton’s bustling city outskirts, and finally Southern Alberta’s breathtaking landscapes.

There’s something for everyone when it comes to seasonal campgrounds! Whether you’re looking for amenities or activities while RVing around, each location has lots on offer no matter where your travels take you. So why not hit the open road today and get ready to immerse yourself in all that this incredible province offers outdoors?

Each area brings its own unique attractions - from Pigeon Lake campsites offering lakeside fun as well as nearby excursions like shopping spots plus excellent local eateries, Edmonton sites near urban centres boasting convenience mixed with nature scenery, and our beautiful Southern regions scattered with unbeatable views alongside plentiful recreational possibilities such as access points into Bow River canyon trails. Make sure to explore them all during your stay!

Pigeon Lake Campgrounds

Tucked away in the tranquil setting of Pigeon Lake, campgrounds and RV sites offer seasonal opportunities for guests to enjoy an array of activities. Imagine taking advantage of this scenic lake by fishing or visiting nearby attractions while also soaking up beautiful sunsets as you roast marshmallows around a cozy campfire.

The Burnt Birch Trailer Association is located south of Mulhurst Bay on the shorelines of Pigeon Lake and has 155 recreational vehicle (RV) spots available - with plenty more amenities such as a sheltered swimming pool, modern playgrounds, high-tech fitness center requiring membership access and laundry facility too!

There are various outdoor recreation options here. Golfing can be enjoyed along with sailing / boating/swimming/cross country skiing and canoeing plus kayaking & windsurfing fun not forgotten either! There’s a beach area perfect for spending sunny days at leisure combined with facilities like soccer fields & volleyball courts around the play ground space. Due to its limited availability early booking is encouraged if planning ahead a trip to these peaceful grounds near Pidgeons Lake campsites.

Edmonton Area Campgrounds

For those seeking a mix of natural beauty and urban living, the Edmonton Area Campgrounds are an ideal location. From May to September, you can enjoy seasonal camping at Killdeer Beach Resort complete with fishing, boating and lawn games as well as serviced RV sites right by Lake La Nonne lakefront. Alternatively, Shadybrook is nestled near peaceful Lake Wabamum featuring a beach which is perfect for swimming or fishing whilst also allowing access to its stunning surroundings. With these diverse choices available campers will have no shortage of options if they want to make use of city life in summer while being able to dip into nature too!

Southern Alberta Campgrounds

Southern Alberta Campgrounds provide a scenic and private experience for RV enthusiasts seeking an escape. Featuring many amenities, ranging from stores to showers, these campground sites make it the perfect destination for those who wish to explore during the season in their recreational vehicle.

Prairie Peaks is one of them. This seasonal site offers flush toilets as well as firewood, dump stations and other facilities. Residents may also choose between Four nearby towns – Chauvin, Edgerton Irma or Wainwright - which are home to several more camping grounds featuring amenities such as Two Hills County’s pavilion with kitchenette alongside twenty-four designated spots up for grabs at each site too! Group camping options exist while there’s Plenty of opportunities available should anyone want some time away just soaking up day use areas on offer either way you look at it Southern Albertan Campsites present picturesque getaways great all round fun within reach when outdoors exploring what nature has provided us.

The Ultimate Summer Experience: Activities at Seasonal RV Sites

A family enjoying a boat ride on a lake in Alberta

Summer-lovers are in for a treat when visiting Alberta’s seasonal RV sites. Boating, fishing, swimming and other outdoor activities will provide plenty of entertainment while making use of the beautiful scenery around you. If venturing out on lakes or rivers is your thing, then embark upon some boating adventures that will leave lasting memories with family and friends alike - there’s lots to explore! On top of that, you can also try fishing hotspots replete with various species as well as cycling or mountain biking through local attractions like nature walks along scenic routes filled with birdwatching opportunities – be sure to bring those binoculars! Finally cap off an incredible day by having campfire cooking sessions near attractive landmarks during picnics. Whether seeking thrills from water sports or tranquil experiences embraced within natural environment, these spots have it all ready for everyone at any time throughout the year!

Boating Adventures

Campgrounds in Alberta provide excellent seasonal sites for a variety of activities, such as boating. Many campgrounds are situated near bodies of water, making access to lakes and rivers convenient. Half Moon Lake RV park. Resort has both a lake and beach where kayaking can be enjoyed, Shadybrook RV Resort offers swimming along with boating opportunities, while at Rattlesnake Lake you’ll find fantastic fishing prospects alongside the chance to navigate boats on its waters. Beforehand though, remember that Transport Canada’s regulations must be adhered to so make sure each campsite is aware what vessel will come onto their property and whether it requires boat storage or not before setting sail.

Fishing Hotspots

RV campsites in Alberta provide an unparalleled fishing experience, with their abundance of waterways and 65 species of fish. From boat rentals to guided charters, these seasonal spots are home to some top-notch angling hotspots you won’t want to miss out on! Popular locations for experienced fishers include Albertan Campgrounds that offer Fishing options, Waterfront camping sites in the area and Must-Fish Lakes, all guaranteed great catches throughout your stay. So get ready: grab a rod & reel and prepare yourself for a catch unlike any other!

Family-Friendly Fun

Pigeon Lake Campgrounds and Edmonton Area Campgrounds are great spots to take the family on a seasonal RV adventure. Activities like swimming in crystal clear lakes, boating on open waters, beach lounging by the shoreline of Pigeon Lake or golfing at nearby camp sites will provide an unforgettable experience that you’ll want to repeat year after year! For families who prefer something more organized, there are also group camping areas where crafts and events can be enjoyed together alongside other special occasions such as company functions or reunions – perfect for creating lasting memories. So why not go ahead and hitch up your RV caravan with everything you need tucked away inside. It’s time to get those car wheels rolling so that everyone can enjoy all these wonderful activities Alberta has available during its summer season!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Seasonal RV Site

Location and accessibility of a seasonal RV site in Alberta

When it comes to choosing a seasonal RV site in Alberta, you have plenty of options. To find the perfect fit for your needs, evaluate aspects like location and accessibility, amenities available at each site such as hookups and facilities or recreational activities offered on-site. All this while keeping an eye out for budget friendly short term stays. Here are some more tips about selecting ideal seasonal sites.

Location is key when selecting a place, think nearby attractions, accessibility, etc. that will meet what one desires from their vacation getaway destination with the RV! Secondly, research the different services being provided by potential sites including general utilities (hook ups) applicable recreation pursuits likewise consider if any additional facilities e.g. laundry exist then finally compare various price points depending upon whether its long term/short term stay expectations.

Location and Accessibility

When selecting a seasonal RV site, the location you choose is important. If peace and serenity are what you’re after, consider Pigeon Lake Campgrounds located near a lake or Edmonton Area Campgrounds for convenience to urban areas. Southern Alberta also boasts beautiful campground sites with stunning landscapes if that’s more your style. Besides finding one which suits your preferences and interests best, accessibility should be considered too – ensuring it’s reachable but close enough to all activities you wish to enjoy during your stay. Look out for wheelchair-friendly paths among other amenities like level campsites and accessible restrooms too!

Amenities and Services

When planning a seasonal camping trip in Alberta, consider what amenities and services the RV site offers to make your experience comfortable. Many sites have essential utilities like water, electricity and sewer hookups that are necessary for any successful stay. Other recreational activities available at most campgrounds can include boating on local lakes, fishing spots along streams or rivers, trails specifically designed for hikers and nature enthusiasts alike as well as playgrounds and picnic tables if you’re looking for time outdoors with friends or family. It’s worth researching which features are offered by various campsites. Some will provide full-service with access to Wi-Fi while others may offer more luxury amenities such as heated outdoor pools or biking paths nearby too! To find an ideal spot, look out not only for those important essentials, but also see how many fun extras the different sites have so you’ll truly enjoy your winter vacation vacation this season!

Budget Considerations

When selecting a seasonal RV site, budget must be taken into account. For short-term stays the cost is usually around $25 - 60 per night while for long-term sites they provide monthly rates starting at approximately $300 and could go up to thousands depending on location and amenities provided. It’s necessary to compare costs of both options in order to make an informed decision that works best with your needs and expenditure. Longer duration parks offer more comfort due to extended occupancy, which should also be considered when making this choice ensuring you get exactly what you need for your RV experience without breaking the bank!

Short Term vs. Long Term: Understanding Seasonal RV Site Options

A family enjoying a summer camping trip in a seasonal RV site in Alberta

In order to plan your RV experience in Alberta, it is important to be aware of the distinctions between short-term and long-term site rental options. Each one has its own special advantages which should factor into your considerations when making a decision - such as lifestyle, preferences and expected commitment level. With short-term sites you will gain versatility throughout the season with different locations for stops. But if a greater sense of community plus access to all amenities offered by campground activities are what you’re looking for then opt for longer stays at seasonal RV sites. Read more about these two kinds of vacations below!

Benefits of Short-Term Stays

Those seeking flexibility and the liberty to go wherever they please will benefit from a short-term visit at seasonal RV sites. This permits you to navigate your way easily between campgrounds and tourist spots, optimizing the time spent on trips. These stays often allow access to various facilities such as pools, play areas and courts for different sports, guaranteeing comfort while traveling.

There can be cost savings due to special offers many RV parks provide with longer duration visits. Off season camping also lowers crowds but results in even more discounts, making it easier for visitors of popular destinations not have to worry about overspending money excessively.

Advantages of Long-Term Stays

Staying for longer periods of time at a seasonal RV site brings about different perks, like: the opportunity to form connections with nearby locals and other campers while having the comforts of an established home base. Enabling you more room for exploration in that particular area. Sticking around on such sites can also end up being cheaper than nightly rates since there are discounts available if paying monthly or yearly instead. Plus it leaves plenty of scope to take advantage of any amenities offered by these campsites and make full use of your investment into an RV site seasonally.

Preparing for Your Seasonal RV Adventure

A family packing their car for a seasonal RV trip in Alberta

To guarantee an optimal RV journey in Alberta, organized planning is essential. From bringing the must-haves to setting up your spot at a campground, it’s vital that you are ready for any potential predicament. By adhering to our advice on packing and organizing your site while observing safety protocols, you can make the most of taking pleasure in Alberta’s picturesque outdoors without fretting over unwelcome surprises.

When preparing for your seasonal camping trip with an RV vehicle, having all necessary items required is indispensable if you want everything to go smoothly during this adventure. Ensure proper attire needed as well as outdoor equipment and documents related when embarking on such vacation getaway. Additionally, successful setup should be considered so that each camper may comfortably take advantage of their stay not forgetting respecting other people who also spend time in the same area too due to rest assured security regulations have been kept accordingly afterward.

Packing Essentials

A picture of a spacious RV site with beautiful seasonal views, perfect for seasonal RV sites packing essentials

Before embarking on your seasonal RV trip in Alberta, packing the right items is essential for having an enjoyable time. Personal belongings such as medications and toiletries should be packed along with surge protectors or toilet chemicals that are necessary when camping by a recreational vehicle. Appropriate clothing must also be taken depending upon the season. Camping gear like tents and shoes designed for hiking may come handy too!

Don’t forget to bring everything you need so as to have a successful vacation while staying at Recreational Vehicle parks of Alberta – this means loading all cooking supplies including pots, pans, cutting boards and can openers into your car trunk! Food provisions should not miss out from your checklist either - make sure those important essentials don’t get missed out. By equipping yourself properly before hand, you will surely ensure you’re ready no matter what surprises await during any given day of adventure within Alberta’s beautiful outdoors.

Site Setup Tips

Positioning your recreational vehicle in the ideal campground spot is essential for making the most of your visit. Find a location that combines shade, views, easy access to utilities and other RV sites nearby. After you’ve settled into place, connect any water or electricity hookups needed before configuring an outdoor living space with patio mats to demarcate areas and comfortable seating such as chairs and tables where everyone can eat together along with possibly adding a campfire pit or barbecue grill for cooking up marshmallows under some cozy lighting fixtures, all these will help ensure that you make use of every moment during this seasonal trip by RV camping!

Safety Precautions

Ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience when camping in Alberta is of great importance. Before setting up camp, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations set forth by the campground so that all those staying can enjoy themselves without any worry or danger. Be conscious about adhering to fire safety instructions like keeping fires small, using proper pits for them, and completely extinguishing their embers once done with it.

Do some research on your local area too. See if there are any safety advisories issued by provincial health services or the site itself before going out RV-ing seasonally here as well! Make sure to bring extra supplies such as batteries, bug repellent along with a fully stocked first aid kit - these will come handy should an emergency situation arise while exploring this part of Canada via recreational vehicles (RVs). Following these preventive measures helps create an atmosphere where one may have fun during seasonal travels safely across Alberta’s nature spots via RVs at ease!


Exploring Alberta’s seasonal RV sites offers a unique and unforgettable adventure for campers of all ages and interests. From the serene shores of Pigeon Lake to the bustling city outskirts of Edmonton and the awe-inspiring landscapes of Southern Alberta, there’s a seasonal campground to suit every traveler. With a myriad of activities and amenities at each location, you’ll never run out of things to see and do during your stay. So don’t wait any longer – embark on your seasonal RV adventure today and discover the hidden gems of Alberta’s great outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of recreational activities can I expect at Alberta's seasonal RV sites?

At seasonal RV sites in Alberta, there are numerous recreational activities to partake in such as boating, swimming, fishing and hiking. These areas provide great opportunities for wildlife watching too!

How do I choose the perfect seasonal RV site in Alberta?

When seeking an optimal seasonal RV site in Alberta, it is important to evaluate location, accessibility, facilities offered and budget carefully so you can pick the one that best meets your requirements.

What should I pack for a seasonal RV adventure in Alberta?

Be sure to take all the essential items needed for a memorable RV journey in Alberta: camping and cooking gear, personal belongings, along with food supplies. Appropriate clothing according to the season must be packed so that you can get full enjoyment out of your vacation!

What are the benefits of short-term stays at seasonal RV sites?

For RVers looking for flexible accommodation, short-term seasonal sites provide a great solution. These locations allow visitors to explore different areas and come with an array of services such as amenities that make them perfect for shorter stays.

How can I ensure a safe and enjoyable seasonal RV experience in Alberta?

For a secure and enjoyable RV experience in Alberta, campground regulations should be observed, emergency preparations put into place and safety measures taken to guarantee the best seasonal camping possible.


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